The Martin de Porres Foundation seeks to empower the African-American/Black Catholic community and encourage black leadership within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

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For more information or to register, contact your Parish; cathy.hamilton@martindeporresfoundation.org; Cathy McLaughlin at cwmc27@gmail.com; or Immaculee.com

St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Church - Praise & Worship.

Martin Luther King Celebration - The last few years have seen a steady decline in the number of people attending the Annual Archdiocesan Celebration of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.  The Urban Pastors, a group of about ten pastors called together by Deacon William Bradley of the Office for Black Catholics, felt that a few changes and renewed support might reverse that trend.  Read more



African Saints, African Stories: 40 Holy Men and Women
From the continent of Africa come a wealth of saints and other inspirational
people in the Catholic tradition. The African men and women included
are declared saints, blesseds or venerables in the Catholic Church.
Author: Camille Leiws Brown, Ph.D.