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Empowerment. Universality. Discipleship.

2023 Impact



Catholic Institutions Supported



Delegates to National Black Catholic Congress


Education & Pastoral Scholarships 


Our Funding Areas


Leadership Development & Scholarships

We provide opportunities for development and education in all fields of study for those who have the gifts and desire to learn and grow for the sake of the kingdom of God and for the good of others.


Parish Leadership & Ministry Support

We help to make sure that parishes have the programs, materials and leaders they need to sustain communities focused on worship of God and love of neighbor. 


Youth Engagement & Evangelization Initiatives

We seek to advance the mission of the Gospel by supporting those who are looking for new ways to bring Christ to youth, young adults and all those seeking a relationship with Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

How Does the Process Work?

Applicants are required to fill out an application form, clearly outlining their project or educational goals, how these align with our mission, and the expected impact on their community or personal development. Essential details, including a proposal for how the program or scholarship will be used, must be included. 

Applications are accepted until a specified deadline for each program cycle. Once submitted, all applications are reviewed by the foundation's committee to assess their alignment with our objectives and the potential impact of the proposed project or studies. Successful candidates will be notified and provided with guidance on the next steps, including any conditions attached to the support or funding.


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